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May 20, 2012
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Alexander reference sheet JULY by Roneri Alexander reference sheet JULY by Roneri

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Proud to say ''I DRAW MY OC'S PENIS!'' the idea of drawing an OC without its penis its like drawing an OC without its arm or head, its just wrong Dx of course if it was meant to be cut then theres nothing I could argue about XD

Update July/26/2012
What has changed?
Updated a bit his information c: added a few new facts.

-Description of the character-

    Name: Alexander Cazares
    Meaning of Name: Alexander: ''man's defender, warrior'' , Cazar: ''To hunt, chase after''
      ''Anaze'' Formerly used by Fausto, Satomi, and people who dont know his real name, created by himself.
      ''Alex'' formerly used by his mother and the rest of the classmates.
      ''Jerk'' formerly only used by Satomi.

    Meaning of Nickname: ''Anaze'' formerly in use to scape from his real name., ''Alex'' short of Alexander, his real name, and ''Jerk'' used to make fun of him.
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Marital Status: Single
    Biological Family: Canidae
    Breed Line:

      -55% King Shepherd
      -45% Bohemian shepherd


      Birthday: November 07
      Astrological Sign: Scorpio ♏
      Symbol: ''Stinger of a scorpion''
      Element: Water
      Positive Qualities: Determined and forceful, Emotional and intuitive, Powerful and passionate, Exciting and magnetic.
      Negative Qualities: Jealous and resentful, Compulsive and obsessive, Secretive and obstinate, Flirtatious, dominating, cunning, ruthless and proud.
      Polarity: Negative
      Planet: Pluto
      Lucky Day: Tuesday
      Lucky Colors: Black
      Lucky Number: Eighteen
      Unlucky Day: Wednesday
      Unlucky Colors: Orange
      Unlucky Number: Five


      Grand Parents: Grand Parents alive(Story)
      Parents: -To be Updated-(both alive/ Story)
      Siblings: -To be Updated-(should he get any sibling?)
      Partner: N/A
      Friends: Satomi, Fausto, Angel, Carrot, Strawberry, Nicky, -To be Updated-
      Crush: N/A
      Child: N/A
      Pack/Pride/Clan: N/A
      Territory: N/A Strudent of a school

    Body Information

      Size: Same size as a German shepherd/Big/medium size dog
      Body Type: Muscular legs and neck, with a powerful jaw.
      Fur Type: Long, curly and sometimes straight.
      Specie Age Appearance:About 2.4 years old
      Human Age Appearance: About 17 years old
      Health: 100%
      If have any incurable illness: N/A
      Weakness: -To be Updated-
      Scars: N/A


      Creation date: May 21/2011
      Origin: Orinaly created in a roleplay of Feralheart.
      Has Design changed since its creation?: Not too much, though heres a screenshot of when I created him [link]
      Official Design?: Yes.
      Symmetrical markings: Yes.
      Symmetrical Mane Yes.
      Symmetrical Items: No, All of his items are symethrical with the exception of his eyebrow earings(left part)


      -To Be Updated-

    Religion: N/A
    -To Be Updated-


        Favorite Color: Green Lemon
        Favorite Food: Meat
        Favorite Drink: Lemonade
        Favorite Element: Air
        Favorite Animal: Zebras
        Favourite Type of Music: Electronic/Techno/Rock


        Usuall Mood:
        Cool, joking at everything, tail up.

        When Happy: Both ears straight up and tail, smirking in a sarcastically way.
        When Sad: Confused, out of energy.
        When Angry: Heat up, focused on the only main target, shaking the tail and in a crouch down position.
        When Exchited: Smirking.


        Strength: He is a really strong character. he has the same jaw or maybe even more then a geramn shepherd
        Personality type: The who is always on your back to protect, yet he loves to make fun of you, though he deeply cares for you, a Party all man, a Know it all character.
        Elemental Power: None
        Element Type: None
        Soul color: Green(lol)(based on 6 quizes)
        Other Abilities:
        -He proved to be the strongest out of the three, Fausto, Satomi and himself.


        Items: Checkered bracelet and Tie, Eyebrow piercings.
        Item object:
          Checkered bracelet and Tie: Since he likes zebras, he saw this pair in a store and decided t buy them without hesitation, since then he uses them all the time.
          Eyebrow piercings: Satomi requested them, Anaze agreed without hesitation.

        Optional Items(as for drawings): checkered bracelet and Tie.
        Items needed in Story mode: checkered bracelet and Tie and eyebrow piercings
        Items out of Story mode: N/A


        -Size comparison of the characters [link] (soon to add the other ocs)
        -It was stated by Fausto that Anaze, will never get mad upon a female, no matter how bitchy she could be.
        -He only has two piercings on his left eyebrow.
        -He is part Mexican.
        -He loves Tacos.
        -He was originaly born in Mexico.
        -Also to the fact that he knows Spanish but his Spanish spelling is not that great, how ever he sometimes use spanish words as he speaks.
        -His favourite band is Skrillex and Deadmau5
        -If there is a thunderstorm, he will act like he is not afraid and mostly will joke about it, but he is afraid of thunders just like Satomi.
        -He will not mind getting sent to the principal's office.
        -He flirts on females constantly.
        -He has long and curly hair, like a king shepherd though he shaves it with the exception of his mane, causing his mane to be so long.
        -He is quiet a popular character around females, though around males...
        -It is known that Nicky and Carrot once had a crush on him.
        -He delays some time making his mane look like it, if he didnt brush it like that it will cover all his front face.
        -Eventhough he is still young, he has enter night clubs and some antros.
        -He constantly gets in troubles, just like Satomi.
        -He will not mind making jokes about penis or harassing jokes.
        -He dosnt mind people cussing.
        -He likes to swim.
        -He hates sweets, he prefer spicy food and loves meat.
        -Dislikes fishes and other types of foods that comes from the ocean.
        -Just like Fausto's hair, unlike Satomi, which mane grows from the forehead, Anaze's hair grows from the back neck, front neck and sides, behind the ears as well.
        -His tail is long and curls at the end with short hair(shaved)
        -His hair is really spiky.
        -He gets well with males and females, though he is only interested in females.
        -He somehow hits on Fausto more than once in the series, in a joking/trolling way, because he loves to make fun of him because he finds him feminine, short story example:
          *Anaze and Fausto where both waiting for Satomi at the principal's office, when Anaze grabbed Fausto from the shoulder and pushed him closer while smirking* ''If it wasnt because of your penis, I will totally hit on you'' *Fausto frowned and his ears turned back while he stared at Anaze furiously, suddenly Anaze shoved him quickly away* ''Nah, I kid'' *while petting Fausto's head* ''Unlucky for you I am a man all the way here.'' *Fausto replayed* ''daww but you look pretty feminine for me dude, you almost look cute'' *he claw'd his left paw on this back* ''I am ugly as fuck man, ugly as FUCK'' *Fausto said as he felt to the grown feeling down in a depressive way, the sorrow could be seen coming from his back, he wasnt manly enough* -OTL...- *Anaze couldnt contain himselt from Faustos misery, He was chuckling* F:-sobs- *when the door of the principals opened and Satomi came out* ''bah! Its the second time in the we-'' *she was whispering to herself when she noticed the scene.
          Satomi:''What are you both doing here??''

        -Along with Satomi, She is one of the few classmates that cusses on the class.
        -He wouldnt mind messing up with people's personal space.
        -He likes to cheer up his friends, specially fausto and Satomi when something is wrong.
        -He is really supportive with Satomi's actions.
        -Likes to make fun of teachers.
        -Satomi requested his piercings on his left eyebrow, which he agreed.
        -His anatomy was meant to be that way since he is a King shepherd mix, he should be bigger but thanks to his other half he appeared to be smaller.
        -His hair styles


        Story: Fausto's Story(Name to be changed)
        Story Genre: Acction, Drama, Mature Content, Comedy, Romance, etc.
        Total of Seasons: 2 Seasons(still in the process of being storyboarded)
        Story Debut: Season 1
        Character Role: Supportive Character(as for season 1) Mentor (as for Season 2)

        Story Synopsis:
        -To be Updated-

        Character Introduction:
        -To be Updated-(avoiding spoilers!) though he is first introduced as an antagonist character who mostly makes fun of Fausto and Satomi(the new ones at the high school) later it is seen that Anaze starts feeling affection for both and decides to hang out with them more, to the surprise of Anaze's old ''friends.''

    Anything Else you will Like to know from him, Just ask me :3
    Alexanderİ to =Roneri
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